Intrepid By Legacy Whirlpool

Legacy Whirlpool is one of those unique products that combine world class quality, outstanding therapy, luxury amenities, all at a surprisingly affordable price.


Dimensions:   94″ x 94″ x 36″
Seating Capacity: 7-8
Number of Jets:   40
Custom Fit Pillows:   2
Waterfall   1
Filtration:   EcoPur® filtration
Pumps:   2
Power:   240 volts 50 amps
Lighting:   Deluxe LED lighting



With Legacy you not only get quality and reliability but also features you wouldn’t expect like the maintenance free DuraMaster™ Premium Polymer skirt, LED waterline lighting and even a backlit waterfall. Legacy Whirlpool is the perfect spa for your budget.

What makes the Legacy line even more of a value is that it is manufactured by Master Spas, the award winning global leader in luxury spas. In fact in a recent independent consumer survey, Master Spas had the highest quality score of any leading manufacturer.


Every Legacy model has ergonomically designed seating that cradles your body while up to 40 specially positioned, high performance jets, combine with two* oversized pumps to provide you with pain relieving, soul soothing therapy.

Clean, Pure Water

You want to spend your time enjoying your spa, not worrying about maintenance. So we created the EcoPur® Water Purification System** – an exclusive filtration system that takes the work out of maintaining your hot tub. Using the same multi-stage filtration techniques as Mother Nature, EcoPur® relies on a unique blend of copper and zinc that creates an electro-chemical reaction to eliminate many micro-organisms and remove heavy metals.

LED Lighting

Most Legacy Whirlpool models come standard with a sophisticated waterline LED lighting system* that lets you set the perfect mood with a rainbow of soothing colors, all with the touch of a button. Even the standard waterfall glows with the warmth of the LED light. *Not available on the 524, 730L, or 715.
**Not available on the 715